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Which MLB players have ruled Black Friday all year long?

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While it may not be an official holiday, Black Friday is certainly considered a special day by many Americans who stand in line (or hop online) in order to get some of their holiday shopping done while saving some serious coin thanks to sales.

With it being “Black Friday,” I thought it would be interesting to look at those MLB players who have had the last name of “Black” or had “Black” as a part of their last name and see which ones have made the biggest impact on the diamond throughout MLB’s history.

These are the MLB players with “Black” in their last name who have ruled the diamond

Diving into the list on Baseball Reference, the biggest stats come from those players who have “Black” as a part of their name, rather than the whole name. Head and shoulders (and beard) above all the rest is Charlie Blackmon of the Colorado Rockies, who has totaled 2,613 total bases and launched 207 home runs during his 12-year MLB career. He has totaled 19.5 bWAR during his time in the Mile High City.

His manager since 2017 in Denver? Well, that’s been Bud Black, who earned a World Series ring in 1985 with the Kansas City Royals and totaled 20.9 bWAR and 121 wins during his 15-year career.

After Blackmon’s 207 home runs, the next-highest “Black” showing his power is Charlie Blackwell, who smacked 43 home runs between 1920 and 1928, logging 15.4 bWAR. Henry Blackmon added 14 in his career between 1920 and 1924 (5.0 bWAR), but that’s the only other qualifier on our list with double-digit home runs in the history of MLB.

Blackmon’s 1,404 games played also leads the group, with infielder Lena Blackburne (1910-1929) logging the second-most games of the “Black” squadron with 550.

The 36-year-old Blackmon has said he will exercise his player option for the 2023 season, giving him a chance to add to his current stats and pad his already wide lead among the all-time MLB players with “Black” as all or part of their last name.