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Toss Mobile Launches New Service to Reduce Household Communication Costs.

Toss Mobile, the telecommunications subsidiary of the fintech platform Toss, has begun pre-registration for its new service, which aims to reduce household communications costs.

The service, expected to launch soon, offers cashback on unused data, a 24-hour customer center, cashback in conjunction with Tosspay, and a simple and fast opening process.

Toss Mobile was established last October as a subsidiary of Toss.

The company plans to leverage existing mobile network operators (MNOs) networks to offer the same data quality as its competitors while bringing Toss’ simple and convenient financial services experience to its telecom services.

Toss Mobile’s tariffs will be released at the service launch and available in four variants.

According to Toss, customers using unlimited data and phone plans from the three existing telecom companies can expect to save 20% or more on communications costs by switching to a Toss Mobile plan.

The domestic mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market, which has seen steady growth in subscribers since its launch in 2011, currently has more than 12 million subscribers, 70% of whom are in their 20s and 30s.

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