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This week’s best gaming laptop deal is a Lenovo Legion 5i Pro 16 w/ RTX 3070 Ti

We spotted a rare discount on Lenovo’s brand new Legion 5i Pro 16 laptop, and it’s a high-end model with a 12th-gen Core i7 processor, RTX 3070 Ti graphics card and a stunning 16-in 2560×1600 165Hz display. Normally this laptop retails for £1500, but thanks to an Ebay code (AUG 15) you can take £60 off. This isn’t a massive discount, but it’s a notable price reduction for a laptop that is literally brand new with the latest-gen tech inside.

We’ve covered Lenovo Legion laptops on this deals beat before, so let me give you the CliffsNotes version: these are rather excellent gaming laptops, with an appearance that is more ‘high-end professional creator’ than ’15-year-old- gamer’. Inside though, you get rather sterling performance, backed up with good trackpads, great screens (especially these 16:10 1440p models!), and arguably the best keyboards among gaming laptops.

Our pals over at Hardware Canucks called the Legion 5i Pro ‘the best gaming laptop right now’ (back in May), citing an improved design, excellent build quality and a ton of ports – three USB-A ports, three USB-C ( including one Thunderbolt 4) ports, ethernet, HDMI and a headphone jack. Nice! They also noted reasonable battery life (6:45 in Chrome), relatively loud noise levels while gaming in the highest power mode. Performance is also excellent against even Core i9 laptops, thanks to its high power draw and excellent thermals. However, note that this channel tested an RTX 3060 config, so you can expect substantially better performance on the RTX 3070 Ti model!

In short, this is a small but sweet price reduction on one of the best gaming laptops going – and it’s got a recently released CPU and GPU combo, so you’re unlikely to get the usual experience of seeing a better version come out immediately after you click ‘buy’. If I was in the market for a gaming laptop, this is the one I’d get – and even though I have no need for it, I’m still sorely tempted!

I think that just about wraps things up, so let me know if you have any questions. For my money, this is the best gaming laptop going right now, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts too!