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This violation resulted in Patriots forfeiting OTA practice

This violation resulted in the Patriots forfeiting OTA practices, per a report that originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The New England Patriots had two days of OTAs taken away from them because of a violation of NFL offseason rules.

What happened?

Well, according to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, “it was a meeting violation.”

Florio writes, “an observer from the NFL Players Association believed that one of the optional early offseason meetings was a violation, because the 15-minute meeting in question (a special-teams session) was made visible on the internal schedule. In the opinion of the NFLPA, placing the meeting on the formal schedule converted it from ‘optional’ to ‘mandatory.'”

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So, essentially, a special teams scheduling error cost the Patriots two OTAs.

It’s a clumsy mistake by the Patriots, especially after they devoted plenty of resources to bolstering their special teams group this offseason following a less-than-stellar showing by that unit during the 2022 campaign.

The OTAs that were taken from the Patriots were Thursday’s session (May 25) and, per NBC Sports Boston’s Phil Perrynext Tuesday’s practice (May 30).

OTAs are very valuable. It’s a great opportunity for teams to integrate new players, work with rookies, install new offensive and defensive plays, etc. These sessions are especially valuable for teams like the Patriots that have added a bunch of new players and hired new coaches in important positions during the offseason.