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This prefab tiny home is a smart mobile unit designed to help you escape city life

A couple of years ago, German entrepreneur Mark Dare Schmiedel got pretty fed up with the chaos of Berlin and decided to move to the countryside, building his own quaint loft along the banks of the River Spree. The peace, calm, and zen that followed, got him wondering whether it would be possible to create a similar, but a mobile form of home, that could provide the same sanctuary to others. In his quest for such a retreat, he came across a mobile home concept designed by a group of Slovenian architects called ‘Coodo’. Schmiedel went on to procure the design rights of the concept, through his company LTG Lofts to Go and kickstarted the production of the units. The modular homes aim to bring you closer to nature, to a space away from the crowds, where you can truly enjoy the beauty of a moment.

Designer: Coodo

It features a curved and minimal steel frame with rounded edges and stunning floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The beautiful glass walls allow a generous stream of sunlight to enter the home. Whether on rooftops in the city, beaches, mountains or along a river, the Coodo can be easily installed almost anywhere. The outer shell is crafted from glass fiber-reinforced steel, while the interiors are smooth, minimalistic, and seamless. The inner wall artfully hides the heating, cooling, and power systems creating a harmonious living space.

The Coodo homes are available in a variety of models – based on the need and functionality. The diverse models range from configurations that can serve as office spaces or even saunas! The personal homes range from a sleeping pod to one-bedroom lofts, or even spacious two-story versions (which are still under development). The single-structure Coodo model usually features a kitchen, living area, and bathroom. The living area includes a sleeping section, as well as the main space of the home.

But what really sets Coodo apart from other mobile units on the market is its integrated use of smart home technology and adherence to Passive House standards. The homes are built from recyclable materials, while three-pane glass and high-tech insulation support energy efficiency. The shutters and LED lights can be controlled from the resident’s smartphone. A new hydraulic system with optional wheels is in the pipelines so that Coodo units can be even more mobile and portable in the future. A “self-sustainability unit” is also currently in the works.

Owing to their modular form, Coodo units can be stacked to create multiple levels, or even placed next to each other. The sleek and simple units grow according to your needs, while also creating a low impact on the environment. The tiny home is a great option for those who are seeking some peace and quiet, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life!