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This Mobile Plan Will Be $25 per Month, Forever

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Everything has been getting more expensive lately – even phone plans. We’ve seen providers like Telstra and Optus increase mobile plan pricing for both new and old customers over the last month or so, raising monthly bills by as much as $4 per month, roughly in line with inflation.

If you’re looking for a little more certainty with your mobile bill, Optus-powered provider Circles.Life is promising that it will never raise the price on its current $25 plan.

$25 per month will get you 50GB and unlimited talk and text, and you’ll pay that price for as long as you stay with Circles. Use the promo code FREEZE50 during sign-up to get this deal.

If that’s still not enough data, Circles.Life offers 3GB top-ups for $10. That’s a lot more generous than the 1GB a tenner would typically get you on most providers.

This offer runs until August 31

When compared to the broader market, Circles stacks up pretty well. Here’s a look at plans with at least 50GB of data.

TOG, iiNet, and SpinTel both have cheaper plans, but these discounts only last for your first six months. Over the cost of a year, Circles ends up being a better deal.

For example, with TPG you’ll pay $20 per month for 60GB for your first six months and $40 per month thereafter. That works out to be $360 for the full year. For comparison, you’ll pay $300 for the full year with Circles.Life.

The math is almost identical on iiNet, where you’re looking at $20 for your first six months and $39.99 per month thereafter. iiNet’s plan includes 55GB.

On SpinTel, you can get a 50GB plan for $20 per month for your first six months and $35 per month thereafter. That’s $540 for the year.

Switching phone plans every six months is a great way to keep your mobile bill low, but Circles is a better option if you’re looking for a set-and-forget option.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOutAustralia’s phone and internet comparison website.