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‘They said Mullingar Golf Club looks like Augusta’

Mullingar Golf Club

By his own admission a “very average” golfer with an “Instagram swing”, one of Conor’s ambitions in 2023 is to lower his handicap.

“I am starting a golf series on YouTube, off my own bat. I am trying to break 80. My best score is 85.

“Everybody thinks that I am a great golfer then they play with me and realize that I am very average (laughs). I look good. I have a good swing. It’s a running joke that I have an Instagram swing. Once you don’ t show where the ball lands, it looks as if I absolutely smash it dead straight all the time. It isn’t the case.

“I’m working with Corey Doherty, who is a from Mullingar and a golf coach. Corey is giving me some lessons and we are going to try and get me down to single figures and try and break 80. My first episode I filmed at Mullingar Golf Club and the second one I filmed it at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando.

“We got some shots in Mullingar and I showed some people the video footage in America. I showed Poulter and one of his guys and they said that Mullingar looks like Augusta in some of the footage. It looks fantastic.

“I didn’t play that well, my golf game wasn’t great that day, but certainly the course looked pretty good.”

Conor Moore.

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