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These 13 Android apps have infected millions — delete them immediately

Another Android malware threat has spread to millions of users who downloaded one or more of these 13 infected apps discovered by McAfee roaming freely in Google’s Play Store. We recently reported that the malicious Joker malware had infected thousands of users who downloaded apps from Google’s Play Store. The threat of malware even through Google’s Play Store is a long-standing issue that Google has to address soon or lose consumer confidence.

In just the past two weeks, we have reported on over 50 applications available in the Google Play Store that can infect your devices with malware, and this past June, we reported on an additional 28 adware trojans “built into a selection of otherwise inconspicuous apps , ranging from image-editing software and virtual keyboards to calling apps and wallpaper collection apps.” Like rapper Nelly once wrote, “It’s Getting Hot in Here,” and Android OS and Google are in hot water over an additional 13 malware-infested apps.

Delete these 13 apps right now!

  • Junk Cleaner – 1M+
  • EasyCleaner – 100K+
  • Power Doctor – 500K+
  • Super Clean – 500K+
  • Full Clean – Clean Cache – 1M+
  • Fingertip Cleaner – 500K+
  • Quick Cleaner – 1M+
  • Keep Clean – 1M+
  • Windy Clean – 500K+
  • Carpet Clean – 100K+
  • Cool Clean – 500K+
  • Strong Clean – 500K+
  • Meteor Clean – 100K+