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The first episodes of Amazon’s The Rings of Power have a real ‘unskippable cutscene’ vibe

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When sitting down to play a new game, sometimes the wait between ‘sitting down’ and ‘playing’ is a gulf of unskippable cutscenes. That’s not always a bad thing: the world needs explaining, the story needs an outline, the table needs to be set before you can jump up and start dancing on it. But it can be a bit dull sitting there, just waiting to play, while all the things that have already happened are explained so all the things that are about to happen, Can happen

The first two episodes of Amazon Studio’s The Rings of Power, the television prequel series to The Lord of the Rings, aired late yesterday. The first episode in particular felt like one of those long, slow cutscenes that I want to skip by mashing my spacebar. Even as an LOTR fan, both of the books and films, I was bored, although things did pick up a bit in the middle of the second episode. I know some people have been saying HBO’s new Game of Thrones series House of the Dragon is like doing homework, but if so, then the first couple episodes of The Rings of Power is like sitting through a professor’s dry, droning lecture.