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Texans GM Nick Caserio says Lovie Smith ‘has a lot of experience with a lot of good teams’

The Houston Texans’ promotion of Lovie Smith to coach seemed like a safe move, and also one that generated doubts as to how much upward mobility the franchise had long-term in the AFC South.

According to general manager Nick Caserio, who joined the “Pat McAfee Show” with Pat McAfee and AJ HawkSmith’s experience with winning teams is what weighed heavily in the organization’s decision to promote their defensive coordinator and associate head coach to the role of fifth full-time coach in team history.

“Going back to your question, AJ, Lovie has a lot of experience,” Caserio said. “He’s seen a lot of football. It’s kind of funny. My first year in New England was 2001. I was literally like a janitor in the building. So, I wasn’t really doing much, but that year we played the Rams in the Super Bowl and Lovie was the defensive coordinator. So, here we are, however many years later, 20 years later, we’re running the team and running the franchise together. So, Lovie has a lot of experience with a lot of good teams, a good defense.”

Smith’s most prolific tenure was with the Chicago Bears from 2004-12. The former St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator earned an NFL Coach of the Year honor in 2005, and the next season helped Chicago reach its first Super Bowl since the ’85 Bears. Chicago hasn’t won a playoff game since 2010, the last time the Bears were in the NFC Championship game. The Bears only had three losing seasons (2004, 2007, 2009) with Smith on the sidelines.

“He’s very well respected throughout the league,” said Caserio. “He’s very well respected with the players, and I think just that stability with him last season and kind of continuing, carrying that forward to this season. Everybody kind of knows what to expect with him, and he’s the same guy everyday. He’s got a great demeanor. Holds the players accountable. They respond to that, and I think they’re excited to come into the building on a day to day basis.”

The Texans are in their second week of training camp and held their first padded practice on Monday at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

Story originally appeared on Texans Wire