Everything Shown At The Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase

Image: Atlus Switch-owning JRPG fans are feasting today. The biggest standouts from today’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase include Persona 5 Royal and Nier: Automatic ports for the Nintendo Switch, but there were also neat-looking indie titles like the beautifully handcrafted RPG Time: The Legend of Wright and visually striking co-op adventure Blanc. Here’s our … Read more

London Gets New Trailer, Out On PC 2023

Gif: Folon Team / Bethesda / Kotaku Sometimes you just want to explore wastelands all by your lonesome. But Fallout 5 is years away, and Fallout 76 is… finealbeit multiplayer and developed under brutal working conditions. So many looking for the next big solo Fallout experience have been closely watching the development of Fallout: Londonan … Read more

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto Hated Wind Waker’s Art At First

Image: Nintendo If there’s one thing that’s helped The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker stand the test of time, it’s the game’s distinctive art style. But it turns out this now-defining aspect stoked some controversy in development. According to a slew of old interviews, resurfaced and translated by the folks at DidYouKnowGaming?Nintendo bigwig Shigeru … Read more

Elden Ring Maker Staffing Up For ‘Several’ New Projects

Image: FromSoftware Elden Ring finally released just a few months ago, topping the charts ever since, but FromSoftware doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The Dark Souls studio is already hiring for “multiple” new games, and director Hidetaka Miyazaki reports in a new interview that one of them is already close to completion. Earlier today, … Read more

Overwatch 2 Will Replace The Original Game This October

If you had a sneaking suspicion that Blizzard’s currently in-beta hero shooter Overwatch 2 would affect the 2016 original game in some way, you were absolutely correct. It turns out that when the upcoming sequel drops on October 4, it will straight-up replace Overwatch, rendering that now seven-year-old game unplayable. Now, what was that about … Read more

How Big Is The Open World Gotham City In Gotham Knights?

Screenshot: WB Games / DC Online co-op superhero action game Gotham Knights is set in an open world. And as with all recent open-world games, people are asking: Just how big is the map? Ignoring that this is a pointless piece of information — both big or small maps can work if what’s in them … Read more

Cuphead Studio Cares More About Its Staff Than Any Delays

Image: StudioMDHR / Kotaku Maja Moldenhauer, the director at the studio behind Cuphead and its DLC, recently talked about how the company’s number one priority is making sure its employees are healthy and treated well. In fact, Moldenhauer explained that she didn’t even care about delays. In an interview with IGN posted yesterday, Moldenhauer talked … Read more

Sonic Frontiers Should Look Like Haste: Broken Worlds, Fans Say

When developer Wilhelm Nylund shared a video of the upcoming Haste: Broken Worlds on Twitter earlier this week, it almost immediately blew up. The preview has since garnered almost 1 million views as well as thousands of retweets and likes. Much of the ongoing conversation, however, involves wishing Haste‘s speed and momentum could be replicated … Read more

Sonic Frontiers ‘Open Zone’ Sounds Like Every Open World Game

Screenshot: Sega Morio Kishimoto, longtime Sonic Team dev and director of Sonic Frontiersrecently did his best to clarify what Sega means when it hypes up the game’s “Open zone” mechanics. But his explanation seems to confirm the phrase is just a trumped-up marketing term rather than some sort of indication that Frontiers is substantially different … Read more

Mint Mobile CMO On Mocking Competitors’ Inflation Fees And Why Ryan Reynolds Is’ jet Fuel ‘For The Brand

Mint Mobile’s newest campaign chaffs competitors ‘”economic adjustment” fees in Ryan Reynolds’ signature comedic style. It’s emblematic of an underlying philosophy that drives Mint Mobile’s marketing efforts and Reynolds’ production firm Maximum Effort – one that seeks to bottle the zeitgeist at speed. Mint Mobile, the telecoms company backed – and fronted – by actor … Read more