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Start saving up now for the 800-page Elden Ring art books

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As has been standard practice for FromSoft’s games since Dark Souls, Elden Ring’s concept art is to be collected in a lavish book. But this time the game’s so large, the art book is coming in two 400-page volumes. Both will be released on November 30 in Japan, with worldwide releases inevitable but yet to be confirmed. Volume 1 focuses on concept art of locations, NPCs and armor, while volume 2 contains art of enemies, weapons and items.

The two books are available separately, or you can sell a kidney and get the so-called Ultra Edition: this comes with a box to hold both books, and a framed piece of art showing Godfrey. The books are A4 sized, and are retailing for 4,400 yen apiece ($31 / £27) with the Ultra Edition setting a Tarnished back 17,600 yen ($125 / £108).