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Starfield composer says Bethesda’s space RPG is ‘huge’ and ‘philosophical’

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The launch of Starfield (opens in new tab) has been delayed to 2023, and since the Microsoft and Bethesda Games Showcase back in June we really haven’t heard anything new about the game. We’re essentially stuck staring at the launch pad, waiting for Bethesda’s big ol’ rocket to start billowing out pre-launch smoke.

In the meantime, we’ll take any new information we can get, and happily enough (via wccftech (opens in new tab)) an interesting new source popped up recently. Starfield’s composer, Inon Zur, was interviewed by musician and podcaster Nikhil Hogan (opens in new tab)and after a pleasant chat about Zur’s extensive career the topic finally came around to Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG.