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Sportico lists the Broncos as the 10th-most valuable team in the NFL

Before the Denver Broncos were sold, Forbes estimated that the team was worth $3.75 billion last August.

One year later, another website has the Broncos valued significantly higher. Sportico has released its valuations of NFL teams and Denver’s franchise is worth an estimated $4.65 billion.

It’s no coincidence that $4.65 billion is exactly what the team’s (pending) new ownership group agreed to pay for the team earlier this summer. Sportico has the Broncos listed as the 10th-most valuable team in the NFL, with a 22% increase in value since last year.

Here’s part of what Kurt Badenhausen wrote about the sale on Sportico’s website:

The Broncos sold for roughly nine times 2021 revenue, versus the six times David Tepper paid for the Carolina Panthers in 2018, which was the last NFL sale and the previous NFL record deal at $2.28 billion. The Broncos are projected to generate $540 million in revenue for 2022. Scarcity value plays a significant role in the valuations, with only two teams changing hands since 2013 before the Denver deal. An added bonus: Walton should be able to write off roughly $4 billion of the purchase price to offset his income, thanks to how tax law treats the acquisition of intangible assets.

The Broncos are the most valuable team in the AFC West, above the Las Vegas Raiders ($4.08 billion), Los Angeles Chargers ($3.62 billion) and Kansas City Chiefs ($3.54 billion).

The Dallas Cowboys ($7.64 billion) are considered the most valuable team in the league while the Cincinnati Bengals ($2.84 billion) are considered the least valuable. To view the complete list, visit

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