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Resurfaced ‘Burger Recipes’ of Golf Aficionados Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra Will Leave You Laughing Boisterously!

What do you consider ‘essential’ in a golf course? Is it a club? Golf balls? An extra pair of shoes in case you decide to go lake-hunting? Well, it’s none of them, as Charles Barkley once said, “You can’t play golf and not drink!”

Fortuitously, owners of golf courses realized this new way of minting money, and we have fully-stacked beverage carts now, ready at our disposal. But do you know who was behind this crazy idea? Turns out Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, two of the biggest golf aficionados, played their part in discovering a beverage cart. Recently, the recipes for their great burgers were released online, and their content will leave you in splits!


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How to make a Burger, by Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra

In the age of McDonald’s and Burger King, a recipe for making burgers will hardly help. But it’s still a shout-out to those who make the effort. Martin certainly did, if his recipe is anything to go by.

I can hardly cook an omelet, so I will leave the judging part to you!

Martin Burgers

Ingredients: 1 lb. ground beef
2 oz. bourbon, chilled

Recipe: Pre-heat a frying pan and sprinkle the bottom lightly with table salt. Mix meat, handling lightly, just enough to form into four patties. Grill over medium-high heat for about 4 minutes on each side.

Pour chilled bourbon in a chilled shot glass and serve meat and bourbon on a TV tray.

There you are! A great, tasty burger with a bourbon whiskey by your side. But for the lazy ones out there (like me), Sinatra has an even better recipe. This one contains a meager three lines of cooking instructions but makes burgers just as tasty as Martin’s, with, dare I say, minimal effort.

Sinatra Burgers

  1. Call for Deano.
  2. Tell him to make you af*****n’ burger.
  3. Drink his bourbon.

This one, I can definitely judge. And vouch for the best recipe ever!

How did Martin & Sinatra invent the Beverage Cart?


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DeChambeau (L) and Brooks Koepka during The Match

Amanda Balionis, a sports broadcaster, revealed the story while commenting at the fifth edition of The Match, which was contested between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau to settle their ongoing beef.

“But they would never play an entire 18 holes unless cocktails were provided,” she said. “So, what happened? The Desert Inn, as it was called at the time, said we have a solution for this, ‘we’re going to create a golf cart but stock it full of all the possible cocktails that Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra could possibly want.’ So yes, you’re hearing this right, you can thank Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra for inventing the beverage cart.”


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Next time you want an ‘essential’ at a golf course, you know who to thank!

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