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Recap of Nokia Mobile’s IFA2022 event

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Nokia Mobile held a classic announcement event for their latest products a day before the start of IFA2022. The company announced its current leading midrange phone, Nokia X30 5G, followed by an affordable version Nokia X60 5G, an entry-level smartphone Nokia C31, a new tablet Nokia T21 and two new audio gadgets. The event was actually nicely organized and performed with Florian Seiche, Adam Ferguson and Lisa Higgins talking about the long game strategy Nokia Mobile is now aiming for. However, for some unknown reasons, the event was not streamed on Youtube. It would be fun if Nokia Mobile set One X30 in front of the stage and streamed the event.

The recap video from the event is now available on Youtube so you might check it out.

I think we can say goodbye to old Nokia boxes. The recapitulation video also revealed the new box of the Nokia X30 which looks and feels like a product that was built with a circular business strategy in mind. The box is fully made of recycled paper, and it can be recycled once again. I remember that Nokia used to use recycled paper for their products a long time ago and it makes me happy that Nokia Mobile is taking the same path as old Nokia did.

Our Abdulla also did a nice hands-on video of all the announced devices which you can check below.

The latest portfolio of devices and products does feel like a breath of fresh air since Nokia Mobile brought some nice hardware parts to the X30 for example. However, this phone is going to have hard competition most likely because of the asking price of €530. For almost 100€ less you can get Samsung A53 5G which might not be the best midrange but is looking great on paper, or Xiaomi 12 Lite. If that is not for you, then you might choose between the Nothing phone or the Motorola X30 Pro which beats the X30 in several things like 4K video recording, wireless charging and better processing power.

Source GSMA

Unfortunately, I can only judge Nokia X30 by checking its specs, but for the real verdict, I’ll need to play with it when I get my hands on the device.