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Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey shares thoughts on the team’s new offense

The Baltimore Ravens will have cornerback Marlon Humphrey lined up opposite the star receiver of their opponents throughout the 2023 NFL season. However, he’s been lined up against and will continue to line up against the Baltimore offense throughout offseason workouts, so he has an inside look at how the team’s unit could fare this season.

When asked about the Ravens’ offense, Humphrey shared his excitement on the matter. He mentioned how it looked good, and that the team has a core on paper now that is exciting, but he also wants to go out on the field and prove it.

“It looks good. We’ve had a year or two, to me, to where on paper, we look scary. I think the product we put out, that’s really all that really matters, but on paper, man, we look very scary, and that’s … I know, when I go into the season, obviously, before the season even starts, you look at everyone you play; you’re like, ‘OK, they’ve got a core, they’ve got a core, they’ve got this, they’ve got this,’ and we’re one of those teams. So, the only thing I feel for us [is] we’ve got the pieces; it’s just putting them together, working together, figuring out how it works and putting out a product. It’s really easy to talk about all the great receivers we’ve got, all the great running backs we’ve got, all the great DBs [defensive backs] we’ve got the good D-line, but I think this is the year of just proving it. Lamar [Jackson] gets a big contract; let’s prove it. I got a big contract; let’s prove [it]. Roquan [Smith] gets a big contract; let’s prove it. So, I think we’ve got a lot of good players, but, to me, I just want to prove it.”

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire