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Pixel Weather widget breaks with 100 degree temps

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The Southwest has been facing record heat with 100-degree temperatures since the middle of this week and it’s expected to continue into Labor Day. In checking the Pixel Weather app over the past few days, it’s become clear that the main widget was not properly designed to show temperatures over 100.

Last year, Android 12 on Pixel phones introduced a pair of delightful Material You widgets that are rather info-dense and feature Dynamic Color theming to adapt to your wallpaper. Up to this day, they remain exclusive to Google phones even on other Android 12/13 devices. (The same can be said about a particular YouTube Music widget that’s quite convenient.)

The largest widget configuration shows the current temperature and condition, today’s high and low, and two-day forecast. The other key part is a look ahead at the next four hours. When it’s over 100, the degree symbol is amusingly pushed to the next line. This moves the visual representation down and results in the time increment disappearing.

As you can see below, everything works normally when it’s just two digits, but three visually breaks things. Adjusting system Display size and text does not appear to make a difference.

It obviously remains more than usable, but exposes a design edge case that’s no longer such a remote possibility in this day and age. Google will hopefully address 100-degree temps with a future update to the Google app, which powers those weather widgets.

Speaking of fixes, there are still people who have occasional issues with the widgets not updating without a tap that opens the full experience. It would also be great if that was eventually resolved.

Anyways, hope you’re staying cool.

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