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Paul George is not a fan of potential James Harden reunion in Houston

Young Rockets guard Jalen Green was largely non-committal when it came to his feelings on a potential James Harden reunion in Houston, saying it might help in some ways and hurt in others.

“It can help and hurt at the same time,” Green told Paul George after the veteran Los Angeles Clippers star had expressed concern over Houston’s oft-rumored 2023 offseason signing. “I haven’t really talked to him too much about the rumors and stuff like that.”

Green and George spoke on Podcast P with Paul George, which is the latter’s channel for extended NBA conversations.

Unlike Green, who was fairly diplomatic, George had a strong take on the potential return of Harden to the Rockets — and it wasn’t a positive one. Among George’s comments:

At this point, I wouldn’t [want Harden to return]. I feel like at this point, you’re the king of Houston. No bullshit. They made their decision on who the future is.

You got to go through this. Being double-teamed, being triple-teamed, being the target every time, you got to go through that. You bring on someone like James who is such a ball-dominant player, that’s going to hinder your growth a little bit.

It’s a fair argument. Then again, unless Green proves capable of being the undisputed top offensive option on a championship contender, the counter argument is that it might be to Green’s long-term benefit to find ways to share the court with another top playmaker.

Take, for example, the Phoenix Suns and Devin Booker — whose game rose to another level after the arrival of legendary point guard Chris Paul in late 2020. Harden led the NBA in assists per game (10.7) last season, and there’s a case to be made that his presence might unlock more off-ball layers to Green’s game.

There’s also the argument that because Harden would make the Rockets (22-60) a more talented team, they could play in more meaningful games, which might help with Green’s development and also with the team’s evaluations of many of its younger prospects.

As with most potential offseason moves, there are areas where it could help and others where it may hurt, as Green alluded to. The question comes down to which is more important, and it’s clear what George believes. The complete conversation can be heard below.


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Story originally appeared on Rockets Wire