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Patriots critic thinks team should trade for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

The New England Patriots are generally a team that zags left when everyone thinks they’re going to zag right. Well, FOX Sports commentator Nick Wright suggested an unexpected scenario that falls in line with that sentiment, during an appearance on “First Things First.”

He explored the idea of ​​the Patriots trading with the Baltimore Ravens for former NFL MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson.

It would obviously mean the end of Mac Jones in New England, which Wright sees as a good thing. Jackson would unlock a ground threat the likes of which the Patriots offense has never seen, but it would also be expensive. Couple that with the health concerns, and it’s tough to make sense of it being the right move for coach Bill Belichick.

Yet, Wright’s argument is compelling.

“If I’m Bill Belichick, I’m having this conversation. Folks were putting him on the hot seat. They have to have the conversation,” Wright said. “Let me ask you a question. Who’s his offensive coordinator now? Bill O’Brien. Who was his success with? Deshaun [Watson].

“Now Deshaun and Lamar are not the same quarterback, but I think in some ways, I think people hope Lamar could turn into the type of quarterback Deshaun was on the field, which is where his mobility is a supporting actor to the movie instead of the star.”

It still feels like it’s too soon to be giving up on Jones.

He was a Pro Bowler in his rookie season, and his rapid regression as a quarterback was directly tied to a year when Matt Patricia was shoehorned in as the offensive play-caller.

With O’Brien taking over the reins as the offensive coordinator, it makes more sense for the Patriots to see what they have in Jones, rather than blowing a bunch of assets on another option that may or may not fit.

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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire