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Papers, Please To Release On Mobile In August

Finally, another platform to play Papers, Pleasea game that leaves you either dead or ridden with a guilty conscience.

Papers, Please is a ‘dystopian document thriller’ developed by Lucas Pope and released in 2013 for PC and Mac, in 2014 for iPad, and in 2017 for PlayStation Vita. It’s quite the depressing game where you find yourself as an immigration inspector at the Arstozkan-Kolechian border wall.

Following new rules set out every day to check passports and documents, you basically have to keep the uglies out. That includes our dear Jorji, our poor old boy who just wants to come inside. Every time I rejected Jorji, I hesitated. It hurt

Now, this bad boy came out almost 10 years ago, and it was all that way back that a certain someone in our Kotaku Australia comments section put this thought into the world:

Papers, Please To Release On Mobile In August
Screenshot: Kotaku Australia

Well, braaainsthis news is for you.

Just yesterday, the developer of Papers, Please Lucas Pope announced that Papers, Please will be coming to mobile Android and iOS devices on August 5th, 2022.

Most notably, the release of Papers, Please on mobile devices will be versions redesigned to make the game playable on smaller screens.

Pope explains that this will mean players won’t have to zoom in to check documents, state“My vision is terrible and I wanted the game to feel natural on a phone so the interface is built around that.”

As someone who also can’t see shit and often gets mistaken for giving people the stink-eye when I am actually just struggling to see who they are, I am grateful for this. If my phone were any closer to my face, I might as well eat it!

If you haven’t played Papers, Please, I highly suggest giving it a red-hot go when it comes out on phones or simply just right now on PC and Mac. It’s a fantastic simple game, all the while hitting you like a brick to the noggin. You love to see it.