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Packers president delivers cryptic quote on Aaron Rodgers’ future

Packers president delivers cryptic quote on Rodgers’ future originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Mark Murphy, the president of the Green Bay Packers organization, delivered a cryptic interview about the future of the team’s long-time, Hall of Fame quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers has been pondering his options for a long time now. He entered into a “darkness retreat” to weigh the options. Ever since his return to the light, he’s kept things to the vest.

Except, however, for a visit the New York Jets reportedly paid him in California, confirmed by Murphy. The Packers gave the Jets permission to speak with him, too. And now things between the Packers and Rodgers look bleak.

When asked if there is a scenario where Rodgers remains the starting quarterback of the Packers, Murphy answered in a confusing, head-turning manner.

“Yeah, I mean unless, if things don’t work out the way we want them, yeah, we would. He is obviously a great player,” Murphy said.

If things don’t work out the way we want them? So. . . The Packers don’t want Rodgers back?

That’s certainly the way Murphy made it sound during his interview with local WBAY on Friday. He planted his feet with the Packers and repeated the team’s insistence not only to do good on Rodgers but also for their team.

He also couldn’t help but mention Rodgers’ career in the past tense.

“Very few players play for only one team,” Murphy said. “Brett had a great career here. Aaron had a great career here. And regardless of what happens, Aaron’ll be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He’ll be in our Hall of Fame and we’ll bring him back and retire his number.”

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As far as the Packers’ options go past Rodgers, they seem entirely committed to Jordan Love. The Packers selected Love in the 2020 NFL draft with the No. 26 overall pick.

The selection, then, stirred controversy, as Rodgers was still obviously in his prime during the time. The Packers decided to use a first-round pick on a position being played at a Hall of Fame level with Rodgers.

Yet, the team stands with Love now as much as they did when they drafted him three years ago.

“Yeah, we have a lot of confidence in him,” Murphy said of Love. “We drafted him and developed him. A lot of credit goes to our coaches and to Jordan. But we do think he’s ready.”

Wherever Rodgers goes, it’ll only help the Bears if he goes away from the NFC North. A departure to the AFC makes things all the more comfortable for the Bears.

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