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Nvidia’s powerful RTX 4090, 4070 and more are coming to laptops

Nvidia has announced that its latest RTX 40-series graphics cards will ship in gaming laptops starting in February. The most powerful option will be the RTX 4090, but it goes all the way down the chain to the RTX 4050.

Of course, don’t expect the performance of these laptop GPU variants to match their desktop counterparts. However, they do seem to have all of their exclusive features in tow, including DLSS 3, which brings frame generation for improved performance as well as better-than-ever ray tracing.

As for which laptops will receive the RTX 40-series upgrade first, Nvidia calls out partners like Alienware’s new X16, Dell, Acer, Gigabyte, MSI, Samsung, Lenovo, and Razer in multiple form factors, including thinner studio machines and 14-inch laptops I suggest checking out our site later today and throughout the week to see the veil come off several of the machines that Nvidia is hinting at.

While the RTX 4070 isn’t Nvidia’s most powerful mobile GPU, it boasts some impressive capabilities. Nvidia said during its CES livestream that it delivers RTX 3080 levels of performance with one-third of the power. These 40-series chips utilize low-voltage GDDR6 memory allowing for what sounds like very fast performance without using a ton of power. And by using less power, battery life should theoretically improve.

With the faster RTX 4090 and 4080, Nvidia claims that laptops can push a 4K resolution picture to three monitors at once at 60 frames per second (game-dependent, I’m guessing), and it claims that they provide two times faster video exports compared to the previous generation of graphics chips.