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Nets’ Mikal Bridges says ‘Ben’s my guy’ when discussing Ben Simmons

Brooklyn Nets wing Mikal Bridges has embraced being one of the leaders of the team ever since he came to Brooklyn as a result of the Kevin Durant trade. One of the duties that comes with being a leader on the Nets is supporting Ben Simmons in his journey to getting back his previous form.

Bridges recently made an appearance on the “Podcast P with Paul George” podcast and he was asked about his experience with Simmons, Bridges did not hesitate to speak glowingly about the former Philadelphia 76er. That is encouraging given that Bridges has only been around Simmons for half of last season and whatever work the two have done this summer.

Simmons, 27, played just 42 games last season due to a variety of injuries that he suffered over the course of the campaign, including the nerve impingement that ended his season in March. Simmons also did not play as well as some hoped when he started the season and it seems that he is still struggling with confidence issues on the court. Here’s what Bridges had to say about Simmons:

“Ben’s (Simmons) my guy. I got big confidence, I got big faith in boy this year. I think him, you know, his back was messed up and him actually going through, you know, getting X-ray stuff and telling him like you have to get surgery. I think it kind of felt good for him. To think people didn’t believe him because he kind of… maybe he was feeling like the little boy who cried wolf sometimes. So, like he didn’t want to play or some (expletive) so now, he was saying, oh I’m hurting, people like man (expletive) out here but now, he’s actually hurt and people still don’t believe it. So, he was actually hurt and now, he got surgery he’s getting back, but he loves the game bro.”


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Story originally appeared on Nets Wire