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NBA fan has the best reaction to meeting Carmelo Anthony

Young kids almost always have the best reactions when meeting NBA superstars. Former Los Angeles Lakers forward Carmelo Anthony had such an encounter recently when he made a surprise appearance at a basketball event in Harlem.

The said fan was caught in video showing his disbelief over meeting Melo. He had to ask Anthony first if he’s THE Carmelo Anthony everyone knows, and when the 38-year-old confirmed, the shock on the kid’s face was clear.

But hey, who can blame him? It’s not every day you see an NBA star and a future Hall of Famer up close and personal.

The fan didn’t waste the opportunity as well and had some moments with Anthony, playing with him and guarding the ex-Lakers scorer during the event.

You just got to love reactions like this from the fans. It also speaks volumes on how kids look up to these NBA players, which is why it is quite crucial that they do better when it comes to representing themselves.

Carmelo Anthony’s experience actually reminded us of Kevin Durant’s encounter with another fan last month. When KD was walking with his crew, they were met by a group of fans waiting in the location they were heading. A young kid greeted the Brooklyn Nets star and slapped him up, prompting a hilarious reaction from the youngster who said he wouldn’t wash his hands ever again.

While that may be bad news for hygiene, we know how he’s feeling.

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