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MLB Insider Has High Expectations For Red Sox In 2023 After Roller Coaster Offseason

Could the Boston Red Sox surprise the baseball world in 2023?

Boston finished in last place in the American League East in 2022 at 78-84 but will look completely different this upcoming season. The Red Sox may not have made the flashiest moves of all time, but columnist Will Leitch recently pegged them as the 2022 last-place team with the second-best odds of jumping to first place in 2023,

“I do believe in the magic of Alex Cora,” Leitch said. “I would also say that it feels at a certain level that the way we’ve talked about the Boston Red Sox all offseason is that they’ve already lost 100 games. It kind of feels that way but if you were to put together an All-Star team from all of the teams that finished last place last year, about half of the players would be from the Boston Red Sox. This is still a really talented team. Obviously, there are some issues there. (Chris Sale)’ s injuries have been an issue, Trevor Story’s injury is very damaging and I dropped them down one, but this is still a talented team.