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Matthew Stafford shares how he and the Rams recruited Allen Robinson

The Rams’ first big splash of free agency was the addition of Allen Robinson, a move that kind of came out of nowhere. They still had Robert Woods as their No. 2 at the time, and all eyes were on Odell Beckham Jr. potentially returning.

But the Rams swooped in and signed Robinson, who at the time was the top receiver on the market. Robinson has said that he picked the Rams because of the system Sean McVay runs and the culture they’ve built, but it probably helped that two of the team’s top players were pounding the table for him to come to Los Angeles.

Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp really wanted Robinson as a teammate, and Stafford saw what a great player he was for years when both were in the NFC North. Before the Rams signed Robinson, Stafford got on Zoom calls with him and pitched the idea of ​​joining the defending champs.

“I was able to hop on a couple calls with him before we got it done and talked to him and everything I thought about him from afar was kind of apparent one-on-one, and it’s been even more of the same when he’s out here,” Stafford said.

The Rams’ primary pitch method was simply showing Robinson clips of the offense and explaining to him how he fits. The Rams envision him as a versatile receiver who can run every route and line up everywhere, so that was something that Robinson must have felt good about.

“We just kind of showed him clips of what we do and where we feel like he could fit in this offense, and I guess that was enticing to him and exciting for him,” Stafford said. “We’re happy he decided to come here. Obviously, probably had a bunch of options and we’re happy to have him.”

Robinson has been impressive in camp and throughout the offseason, both on the field and off it. Everyone raves about his work ethic and leadership qualities, being such a “pro,” as Stafford put it.

He’s already fitting in nicely with the Super Bowl champions.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire