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‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ on PC made cheaper in the UK and 6 more regions

Insomniac Games has made the upcoming PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man cheaper in seven regions, due to the game being “incorrectly priced” when it was announced.

Today (August 2), a blog post from Insomniac revealed that regional pricing for Marvel’s Spider-Man has been adjusted in the following seven regions:

  • UK
  • Poland
  • Australia
  • Israel
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Norway

This has been translated to Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC becoming cheaper for buyers in those regions. While the game was originally priced at £54.99 in the UK, the adjusted price means it now costs £49.99.

Marvel's Spider-Man.  Credit: Insomniac Games.
Marvel’s Spider-Man. Credit: Insomniac Games.

The blog post shares that the game was “incorrectly priced” in the above markets, and notes that no other regions were affected. It goes on to recommend that if anyone from the amended regions has pre-ordered the game, they should cancel and re-submit their pre-order to get the lower price.

After launching on PlayStation in 2018, Marvel’s Spider-Man will come to PC on August 12. Last week, Insomniac detailed the “features and enhancements” the port will bring – including support for Nvidia’s DLSS and DLAA, ray-traced reflections, improved rendering systems, and a wider range of supported resolutions.

The PC version will also include customizable controls, controller support, and “multiple” unannounced accessibility features.

Marvel's Spider-Man
Marvel’s Spider-Man. Credit: Insomniac Games

As for how Marvel’s Spider-Man will run on PC, the recommended PC specs show that players will be able to get it running on older Nvidia 950 and 1060 cards – although it will take a very powerful PC to hit 60 FPS with ray tracing and 4K resolution enabled.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is the latest of Sony’s PlayStation-exclusive titles to re-launch on PC, however it likely won’t be the last – as it’s rumored that return it is in the process of coming to Steam.

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