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Kevin Garnett reacts to the video of LeBron James calling him the NBA’s best player as a rookie

An eternity ago in NBA years, a young rookie entering the league was asked who he thought was the best player in the league at that time on a BET show from that era, and without hesitation, the rookie had an answer ready: Kevin Garnett.

19 years ago, to be precise, because the rookie we are talking about just happened to be the current Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. LeBron was adamant that it was “KG, The Big Ticket — unanimous MVP.” “If he (doesn’t) get it this year, I’m leaving!” James joked about the Boston Celtics big man. “Ain’t no second season for me if he doesn’t get it this year.”

We can evidently thank Garnett for LeBron’s longevity, as he did indeed win MVP for the 2003-04 season, although KG might have regretted that later on when King James was messing up his plans to win a second title with the Celtics.

Garnett had his last laugh, however, posting the clip to Twitter this Friday while writing, “say word?”

No response yet from James at the time of writing.

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