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Jets QB Aaron Rodgers tweaks calf during Tuesday’s OTA practice, doesn’t think it’s ‘too serious’

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers was not a full participant at the Jets’ OTAs practice on Tuesday after the veteran sustained a calf injury during a pre-practice conditioning activity.

“I just tweaked my calf in a little pre-practice conditioning, so I decided to take a vet day,” the quarterback said. “I don’t think it’s too serious.”

After doing a warm-up in which Rodgers held a medicine ball while lunging laterally off one foot and landing on the other, Rodgers was seen flexing his right leg before stretching that leg.

He did participate in the next activity – running 10 yards while pulling weights behind him – but after completing his sprint, the 39-year-old was walking with a slight limp and then proceeded to stretch both legs and flexed his right leg again.

Rodgers was later seen speaking with the team’s head strength and conditioning coach. He remained on the field for the duration of the team’s practice, but after warming up he did not participate in any further team drills.

He said the work with the medicine ball was something he had not “done it before in 18 years, but obviously, there’s some science behind it.”

Excited to be with Gang Green

Despite missing practice Tuesday, Rodgers said that “every day” with his new team has reaffirmed his decision to join the organization.

“Every day I wake up excited to come to the facility. Now the commute being two minutes really helps, because just rolling out of bed and heading to the facility is nice,” he said. “but I have an excitement about heading down Jets Drive.”

Of course, after 18 seasons, 230 games, and some 7,660 career passes in Green Bay, getting used to a new environment is still something he has to get adjusted to.

“It was surreal for sure and strange to look at my locker and see a No. 8 and to be rocking Jets gear is a little bit strange for sure,” Rodgers said, “but every day there’s kind of been something that’s been a little special sign or synchronicity or just a cool moment that reminds me that I’m in the right place.”

The first taste of Rodgers

CJ Uzomah said the Jets offense got their first taste of Rodgers’ leadership and demeanor in the huddle at OTAs.

“We’re in the huddle today and yesterday we weren’t happy with our performance against the defense,” he said. “We’re in the huddle today, pre-practice walk-through and he was just like… essentially it was getting your s–t together. Make sure we’re finishing, make sure we’re where we need to be, we’re doing all the little things, we’re nailing it down because yesterday wasn’t good enough.

“And that was it. It was just monotone, just like that. And everyone was like, ‘Oh we’re locked.'”

The tight end added Rodgers, who is not a loud person in the huddle, has had his biggest impact so far in the film room when the veteran quarterback will stop meetings to explain and discuss and will actively chime in with the offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett in adjusting things and adding new wrinkles to the offense.

“Speaking on Aaron it is just that veteran presence,” Uzomah said. “He’s an expert out there, he’s the GOAT, so it’s nice to have that presence out there.”