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In 1976 Blue Peter showed us the future of mobile phones, and it’s quite the watch


A 1976 clip from Blue Peter has come to light, courtesy of tellyaddictsuk over on TikTok.

Watch as Blue Peter favorites John Noakes, Peter Purvess and Lesley Judd (ably assisted by their sidekick dogs Shep and Petra), demonstrate the promising new technology of the future: the mobile phone.

@tellyaddictsuk The future of #mobilephones on #BluePeter in #1976 #BBC ♬ original sound – TellyAddicts

It’s fair to say that the technology has come on a bit since then. Chances are you watched this video on a mobile, which would have absolutely blown people’s minds back then. They couldn’t even play ‘Snake’, let alone order tat from the internet or receive unsolicited dick pics from wrong ‘uns.

Here’s what TikTok users made of it…

The idea sounds good but I don’t think it will catch on Alan Priestley

And it came with a typewriter for texts Mutt T. Whopull

Still more reliable and clear than Vodafone Mark A Welbourn

😂😂😂 old man had the motorola every time he used it, it looked like he was calling in an airstrike

Here’s one I made earlier. With double sided sticky tape and a Fairy liquid bottle nobs6800

Source TikTok @tellyaddictsuk