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“I Wear This Hat And..”- Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Mocks MLB Fans With a Classic Baseball Artefact

The history of baseball is something that devoted baseball enthusiasts crave. Although it is not hidden deep in the trenches of baseball history, the Los Angeles Dodgers were once known as the Brooklyn Dodgers. They remained in Brooklyn until 1957, after which the club moved to Los Angeles, California, and gave the name Los Angeles Dodgers.

And since the ‘Brooklyn Dodgers’ had a name that started with the letter B, the caps made back then had a big letter “B” as their symbol which closely resembles the current cap style of the Boston Red Sox.

Recently, Alexis Ohanian, Tennis legend Serena Williams’s husband and co-founder of Reddit, posted a picture of himself wearing the old-style Brooklyn Dodgers cap on his Twitter. Here’s how he took a hilarious dig at baseball fans.


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Alexis Ohanian tasted baseball knowledge of MLB fans

Alexis Ohanian posted a picture of himself with a brooding expression. He was wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers cap and the caption alongside the picture said, “I wear this hat and people think it’s a blue Red Sox hat and not the Brooklyn Dodgers hat it actually is.”

The replies were of enthusiasts, excited about seeing the old-style hat.

Some were sharing their own stories and knowledge about the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers, while some were praising Ohanian for his baseball awareness.

One fan shared this iconic picture of Jackie Robinson wearing the Brooklyn Dodgers hat when he played for them. The photograph is another piece of history that the fans will like.

While some shared their own version of the Brooklyn Dodgers cap, some told their stories. Although, all reminisced about the good old times.


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Brooklyn Dodgers’ cap history:

According to, the evolution of the iconic baseball cap worn by the Brooklyn and later, the Los Angeles Dodgers, is a story of tradition and change. The cap’s journey began with a simple yet striking design featuring a thin ‘B’ logo on a blue cap. But in 1937, the team switched things up and donned a green cap for a season.

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The following year, the home cap became white with blue stripes, while the road cap remained blue, with the ‘B’ logo remaining constant throughout these changes.

However, the white cap was retired after just one season. Throughout their tenure in Brooklyn, the team had several cap suppliers, but when they made the move to Los Angeles, they introduced an ‘LA’ logo, signaling a new chapter in the team’s history.