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How to Disable the “Your Windows 7 PC Is Out of Support” Full Screen Notification

Do you keep getting a full screen notification telling you that your Windows 7 PC is not supported any more? Here’s how to get rid of that.

Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows 7. This means that if you’re still using the operating system, you might be seeing a full-screen notification bringing to your attention that your Windows 7 PC is no longer supported with regular updates.

If you want to dismiss this harmless reminder, here’s what you can do.

But First, Why Not Switch to Windows 10?

One way to get rid of this annoying nudge is to do what it says and switch to a newer operating system—and there are several reasons to switch to Windows 10. It’s best to use an operating system that’s supported with regular updates and patches to keep your computer up to date and safe against the latest threats.

And making the leap from Windows 7 to 10 is a fairly straightforward process. The two operating systems are quite similar, so you won’t need to re-learn too much.

What to Do if You Are Sticking With Windows 7

However, you may love Windows 7. And why not? There are several reasons to stick with it, least of all because it was still the world’s most popular operating system a decade into its launch, a title it recently relinquished to Windows 10. If you’d rather cling on to what’s familiar, here’s how you can disable the full-screen notification telling you that your PC is out of support.

1. Disable the Full-Screen Notification via the Pop-Up Itself

The next time Windows displays its ‘out of support’ notification for Windows 7, click on the Don’t remind me again option in the bottom left of the screen. This should kick it out and stop you being regularly notified to upgrade.

However, if you’ve tried this but the notification persists, go into the guts of your system to root out the issue.

2. Disable the Out of Support Notification via the Registry

Alternatively, a simple registry edit can fix the problem. Note that editing the registry can make your system unstable. If you go ahead, proceed with caution and make sure to back up your registry.

Follow these steps to stop seeing the Windows 7 out-of-support notification.

  1. Open the registry editor.
  2. Navigate to the following path:
  3. Look for a 32-bit DWORD named Discontinue them.
  4. If one doesn’t exist, create it and name it Discontinue them. (It must be a 32-bit DWORD even if you’re using a 64-bit operating system.)
  5. Change its value data to 1. (0 = notification enabled; 1 = notification disabled.)
  6. Next, navigate to the following registry location:
  7. Follow steps 3–5 to toggle the DWORD off.
  8. You can close the registry.

This should stop Microsoft from showing you the full-screen notification about your Windows 7 PC being out of support.

Get the Most Out of Windows 7

There’s no doubt that Windows 7 is a great operating system. In many ways, it led the change and set the benchmark for what almost all Windows users are now familiar with. Windows 10 is great too, and with a feature-heavy Windows 11, you have every reason to switch. If, however, you prefer the familiarity of Windows 7, try and get the most out of it before you are forced to upgrade.