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How many home runs has Aaron Judge had in the 2022 regular season?

How many home runs has Aaron Judge had in the 2022 regular season? originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Three-time All-Star Aaron Judge is having a dynamite season for the New York Yankees.

Just 85 games into the 2022 regular season, the 30-year-old outfielder leads the MLB with most home runs this year.

In June, Judge signed a one-year, $19 million contract for the 2022 season with the Yankees.

Judge has had great success with the Bronx-based team over the years, leading the league with 52 home runs and 128 runs in 2017.

As the 2022 regular season continues, here’s all you need to know about Aaron Judge’s miraculous hitting at bat:

How many home runs has Aaron Judge had this season?

As of July 30, Aaron Judge has hit 41 home runs and the Yankees aren’t even 100 games into the 2022 regular season.

To earn home run 41Judge smoked a grand slam into right field as the Yankees beat the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday.

He is currently fourth on the list for most home runs by a player through their first 98 games of the season behind Mark McGwire in both 1996 and 1998 with 43 and 44, respectively. Barry Bonds is at the top of the list for hitting 45 home runs in 2001.

Roger Maris currently holds the AL single-season record with 61 in 1961.

How many home runs is Aaron Judge on pace for this season?

Aaron Judge is on pace to hit 76 home runs in 162 games of the regular season, according to MLB analyst Ryan Spaeder.

How many walk-off home runs does Aaron Judge have this season?

Aaron Judge has had three walk-off home runs this season so far.

Who has the most home runs in 2022?

Aaron Judge leads with the most home runs this season with 41.

The leaderboard also includes:

Phillies’ Kyle Schwarber, 32

Astros’ Yordan Alvarez, 30

Braves’ Austin Riley, 29

Mets’ Pete Alonso, 26

What is Aaron Judge’s batting average this season?

Aaron Judge currently holds a 0.297 batting average.

Here are some other important stats for Judge in the 2022 season:

AB: 374

H: 111

A: 84

RBI: 89

SB: 10