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How LeBron James has kept his teammates focused during the NBA Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs are a gnarly challenge, as every player’s dream of winning a world championship comes down to about two months of intense competition. In many cases, when a team makes it to the late rounds, especially the NBA Finals, it’s the only chance it will ever get at a ring.

What makes playoff time even more challenging is the outside “noise” that comes from the media, both the on-air and social variety, particularly the hyperbolic criticism that can often be found on both media.

It’s something that can often warp and even destroy the delicate focus of players, especially younger ones.

This is the first postseason the Los Angeles Lakers have experienced together as a unit, and so far, they have done well, as they hold a 2-1 series lead over the defending champion Golden State Warriors. They achieved this advantage by rolling Stephen Curry and company 127-97 in Game 3 on Saturday.

LeBron James talked afterwards about how he has encouraged his teammates, especially those who lack postseason experience, to remain mentally primed and prepared.

James has been there and done that after 20 seasons, and he himself has learned how to shut out all the external “noise” that is there come playoff time, especially after he himself was vulnerable to losing focus earlier in his career.

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Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire