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Hate your favorite team’s rating in ‘Madden?’ Now you can call and complain about it

Ever wondered why the people who make the “Madden” video games hate your favorite team? Now is your chance to let them know about. The people behind “Madden NFL 23” opened a hotline Thursday where fans can call in to yell into the void about player and team ratings … no, really.

The company put the number out on Twitter, and said roughly 1,000 fans called in with complaints and suggestions for improving player ratings.

Calling the number leads straight to voicemail. Former Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Johnson tells fans they’ve reached the “ratings-adjustor hotline.” He asks fans to leave a detailed message about what player deserves a different rating and why you think that’s the case. He adds that fans better bring facts that the “Madden” team has not considered. It sounds like that’s the only way to get the attention of the ratings adjusters.

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Johnson appears to be leading the charge for the hotline, although the “Madden” team has enlisted dozens of players and celebrities to promote the number.

What’s the best way to get a player’s ‘Madden’ rating changed?

The “Madden” ratings adjusters are looking for real, legitimate criticism of the game’s ratings. Urging them to change Zach Wilson’s rating because you think he’s “got that dog in him” is probably not going to fly. Citing specific plays or analytics might be the way to go. If a player has a strong success rate against certain coverages, perhaps you can cite those numbers. If a player showed drastic improvement in the second half, call out plays in which he showed something extra.

Ultimately, there’s no guarantee the people at “Madden” will take your advice. For all the controversy caused by the ratings — which “Madden” clearly promotes and enjoys — the people who work as ratings adjusters take the job seriously and put in a lot of work. They are probably aware of Pro Football Focus’ measurements, and may even be aware of more niche advanced stats. Coming up with a winning argument will probably be more difficult than you think.

Additionally, we’re still talking about a video game here. Getting up in arms about your team’s best wide receiver getting an 81 instead of an 84 is a pretty minor complaint in today’s world. If you have the time and energy to devote to making an impassioned argument, more power to you. If not, you can always make your own personal adjustments once you get this year’s version of the game.

Josh Cherniss of Los Angeles, CA plays EA Sports 'Madden NFL 18.'

Think you know better than the people who make ‘Madden?’ Let them know. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)