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Grant Williams opens up on how his shooting arm injury is affecting his play with the Celtics

After an injury to his shooting arm was made public in a recent article by The Athletic NBA insider Jared Weiss, Boston Celtics reserve forward Grant Williams sat down with Weiss to talk about how his dinged-up shooting arm has been affecting him since he hurt it on Feb. 12 in a win over the Memphis Grizzlies. “It’s a weird injury, but you play through it because that’s what you do for the team,” explained Williams.

“It (doesn’t) matter if your numbers go down, it (doesn’t) matter if your minutes go down because of it, you just do whatever it takes to help the team win,” he continued. The results on-court have been mixed, with the Charlotte native missing shots, most infamously from the charity stripe.

“In the beginning, it was confidence because when you deal with something that affects your shooting, you’re hesitant to shoot,” suggested the Tennessee alum.

“But even then, sometimes when you’re identified as a shooter without believing you are a shooter your whole life, (you’ve) got to get used to just letting things go and not thinking afterwards.”

“That’s the mentality I have now, that if you’re open, let it go,” continued Williams. “If it’s a shot that coach didn’t want you to shoot, he’ll tell you.”

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