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GOLF WANG taps Hector Bellerin to launch the World Cup capsule

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Fashion meets football. Done right.

Admittedly, Tyler, the Creator might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of the World Cup, but the Californian creative has launched a football-themed capsule through his Golf Wang label.

The stand-out piece from the collection is the football shirt, which riffs on the classic blue and white stripes. In this design, the stripes are designed in a wave pattern, and the shirt is finished with a Golf Wang logo, cuffed sleeves and an off-white collar. The corresponding shorts feature the same stripes on one leg, with a solid navy leg creating an asymmetric aesthetic. Other items in the collection include a gray hoodie – complete with a football-inspired graphic – and a full Golf Wang tracksuit in the same navy and white colours.


To launch the World Cup collection, Golf Wang has tapped Hector Bellerin, fashion’s favorite footballer. This isn’t the first time that Bellerin has modeled for a brand. In the past, the now-Barcelona full back has worked with Louis Vuitton – walking in a runway show in 2019 and appearing in the LV² campaign a year later – as well as helping to launch Arsenal’s collaboration with 424, which came into being due to his friendship with founder Guillermo Andrade.

GOLF WANG x Hector Bellerin 2GOLF WANG

Bellerin’s second career as a model comes after his well-known interest in fashion saw him christened the “world’s best dressed footballer,” the “ultimate pioneer of the football fashion crossover” and, most recently, “soccer’s most stylish man.” As well as his modeling exploits, Bellerin has been a vocal advocate of emerging or overlooked talent, supporting London-based designers including Craig Green, Ahluwalia and Supriya Lele. In 2021, this interest in young designers led to the British Fashion Council appointing Bellerin to the jury for its BFC/GQ Designer Fashion Fund

Speaking to the New York Times earlier this month, Bellerin discussed how he bridged the gap between fashion and football, saying, “before, if you were a footballer, that’s the only thing you could be. But sports aren’t just sports anymore. Clothes aren’t just clothes anymore. Now, everything is everything.” Bellerin’s interest in fashion has led to criticism throughout his career – something the newer generation of style conscious players can relate to – but, as he explained, “I love what I do more than anything. But I’m allowed to love other things too.”

GOLF WANG x Hector Bellerin 3GOLF WANG

The same interview also introduced concrete plans for Bellerin’s very own fashion label, something that has been heavily rumored in the past and in the works for two years. Speaking alongside his business partner Horacio González-Alemán, Bellerin revealed the focus on sustainability – particularly through upcycling and recycling – and modularity. Although the brand has yet to confirm a name, it is slated to launch in February next year, completing Bellerin’s journey from fashion aficionado, to model, to brand owner.

The collection will be available from 26 November on GOLF WANG’S online shop


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