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First Images Of Spider-Man PC Leaked Online A Week Before Release

Marvel’s Spider-Man flawless execution and finest gameplay paved the way for other developers to focus on superhero titles while finally proving that superhero games are worth developing. The ultimate euphoric feeling of swinging through the skylines and stealthily taking down enemies was perfectly executed by Sony. The title also featured an equally compelling storyline and became a memorable masterpiece.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the perfect subsequent installment that only enhanced the ecstatic experience and made players crave for other superhero games. Moreover, Electronic Arts supposedly has two Marvel games in the brewer that will probably take half a decade to release, at least.

Sony has adopted a non-conservative attitude recently by starting to bring PlayStation exclusives on PC to extend its connection, and Spider-Man is one of them. The players can relish Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC in a week while staying patient for more superhero titles to arrive.

The PC version of Spider-Man mostly brewed in secrecy until now; the first images of Marvel’s Spider-man have finally been leaked online as posted by TheHeeper55 from the Reddit forum. The six photos were first shared in a tweet that Sony was quick to hunt down to ensure secrecy. However, the images have spread like wildfire on Forums like Reddit as TheHeeper55 drove to rescue them before the demise.

the first spiderman pc screenshots i found on twitter! from SpidermanPS4

Spider-Man can be seen standing on rooftops and clinging to the skylines, likely looking for criminals. The clear glass building reflects the other skylines and the red color of Spider-Man’s outfit. The default for dodging attacks appears to be the left control key, but it can be changed to the user’s content.

Spider-Man sticking to the glassy skyline while glaring intensely.

One of the images also features a key-binding settings menu where you can discover the keyboard and mouse control bindings. The title will be entirely playable like any other normal PC game, but the Spider-Man PC build will also integrate DualSense controller support.

The image reveals the keyboard and mouse keybind settings.

The leaked images reveal Marvel’s Spider-Man PC Remaster running at a widescreen monitor and ultra-wide resolutions, which are fully supported. Evidently, the photos don’t reveal the best graphical settings, but the game will look much prettier on higher settings.

It’s worth recalling that the Spider-Man PC version features ray tracing. The added support for NVIDIA DLSS scaling is also included, hugely enhancing the visual experience. Furthermore, DLAA anti-aliasing integration, cloud storage, and achievements worth pursuing are also promised in the remaster.

Marvel’s Spider-Man can be experienced not only in the ultra-wide format but also in the panoramic format for non-standard resolutions. All in all, the leaked images have sparked a bundle of discussions while revealing the community’s anticipation.

Marvel’s Spider-Man for PC will come out on August 12th on Steam and the Epic Games Storefront. The title will also feature Steam Deck support, as revealed by Insomniac Games on Twitter. However, the Steam Deck will likely run the game on lower to middle settings, and ray tracing will not be included on the portable.

What are your thoughts regarding Marvel’s Spider-Man PC leaked images? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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