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Drive Electric Alabama showcases vehicles at Mobile event

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Electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts participated in a south Alabama motor show Saturday in the hopes of getting more people interested in the vehicles they know and love.

Members of the Mobile-based Drive Electric Alabama chapter appeared at the Gulf Coast Motor Show at The Grounds in Mobile to answer questions about electric vehicles, show the differences between those vehicles and gasoline-powered vehicles and more.

“Electric vehicles are so new, especially to many motorists here on the Gulf Coast, so we wanted to find a way to talk directly to people and let them know how we use our EVs every day,” Dale Holden, a leader of the Drive Electric Alabama chapter in Mobile, said in a press release.

Although Alabama has no plans for a gas-powered car ban like in California, the influences of electric vehicles in the state are easy to find.

Mercedes-Benz is making electric vehicles at its assembly plant in Vance, as well as electric vehicle batteries at a Bibb County plant. The University of Alabama, Alabama Power and Mercedes announced the formation of the Alabama Mobility and Power Center last year for research and development on electric vehicles and more.


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“It’s always powerful to see someone who has never sat inside an EV get a chance to talk to real-life EV owners,” Michael Staley, president of the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition, said in the release. “They often walk away with a brand-new perspective on EVs and how one might fit their family.”

The Mobile event was one of a series of events that will take place across the state in the coming weeks.

According to the release, Drive Electric Alabama will have a showcase-style event in Auburn on Sept. 19, in Huntsville on Sept. 25 and in Birmingham on Oct. 1. Like the Mobile event, anyone interested in electric vehicles will have the opportunity to talk with an owner one-on-one.