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Draymond Green describes his Steph Curry, Klay Thompson arguments

Draymond reveals how often he argues with Steph and Klay originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

No one, not even the other two stars that make up the Warriors’ Big Three, is safe from the words of Draymond Green.

The dynamic trio of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Green have been playing in the Bay together for a decade, and arguments are bound to happen.

But as Green explained on his latest episode of “The Draymond Green Show,” those so-called arguments rarely occur, and Curry and Thompson are usually on the receiving end of them.

“Honestly, we haven’t had a ton of arguments because it’s just not kind of how the personalities match up,” Green said. “I usually do most of the yelling and most of the time they’ll usually ignore me to the point where if I’m yelling and then one of them yells back, I’m not gonna get into a screaming match with one of them . So at the point when I say something and they disagree and say something back, then they said something back and that’s just what it is.”

Can’t say we’re surprised.

But that’s not to say Curry or Thompson won’t occasionally fire back. The world has seen what an angry Curry and Thompson can do.

And that’s what makes this trio, well, a true dynasty. They’re honest, open and real with each other, and it’s probably one of the reasons why they’ve won four NBA championships together.

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“That’s just not how we roll,” Green said. “So I usually do the majority of the talking most of the time. It either leads to us having a conversation and discussing what I think and what they think and how we can figure it out. If it’s in a heated battle, a heat-of-the-moment situation and I’m like ‘Klay stop shooting the ball’ and he cuss and yell back, then we just keep pushing it and I run on and he runs on. Or if I say something to Steph and he gets mad and snaps back every two blue moons then he says something back and I just run off and go about my day.”

Curry and Thompson are probably OK with Green being the more outspoken one. The Splash Bros don’t have to do much talking anyway to get their point across on the court.

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