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Dodgers: MLB Insider says He’s ‘Rooting’ for this All-Star to be in Dodger Blue Next Season

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The Dodgers are in the midst of doing something special in the 2022 season. They currently hold the best record in baseball, are on pace to win their 9th NL West title in the past 10 seasons and are favored to win their second World Series title in three seasons.

However, the one thing looming in Dodger land is if Trea Turner is going to resign with LA. He is set to become a free agent this off-season and has the opportunity to take off if he chooses to.

Dodgers Nation’s very own Doug McKain spoke with MLB Insider Alden Gonzalez who said that he’s rooting for the Dodgers to sign a certain someone if all fails with Turner.

“I’m rooting so hard for Carlos Correa in LA. I want that so badly to happen… just because it’s so fascinating and just I love the persona…”

Not sure too many LA fans would agree with that opinion by Gonzalez.

The Backstory

As we all know, the Dodgers and Astros played each other in the 2017 World Series in which the Astros came out on top in 7 games.

The MLB world finds out that the Astros were cheating for most of that 2017 season specifically in the World Series. Many Astros defended themselves on the subject and more notably then Astros shortstop Carlos Correra spurring a bunch of nonsense to the media and ripping Dodger’s own Cody Bellinger in a 2020 interview.

Since then, Houston has been enemy number 1 (or two if you have the Giants at one) and we won’t let them forget about their cheating ways whenever we host a former player of the 2017 Astros or the team themselves visit Dodger Stadium.

There is a ton of bad blood between Dodger fans and Correra and it is really hard for me to see Correra in Dodger blue with everything that’s happened in the past.

However, the Dodgers are the most professional and best run organization in all of baseball, so if they decide to let bye gone be bye gone and decide to welcome Correra then I would respect that decision.

The 27-year-old is currently slashing .269/.353/.426 and is posting a .779 OPS in his first season with the Minnesota Twins. The Puerto Rican native signed a three-year $105.3 million contract with Minnesota, however he has the option to opt-out at the end of the season and become a free agent.

Would you like to see Carlos Correra rocking a Dodgers uniform next season? Share your thoughts below.

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