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Dodgers debut new dance celebration, all thanks to Freddie Freeman’s moves

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a new celebration for hitting doubles, and it’s certainly caught the attention of fans.

It started Friday during the Dodgers interleague matchup at the Texas Rangers. In the top of the third inning, first baseman Freddie Freeman hit a two-run double to tie the game. When Freeman got to second base, he turned to the Dodgers dugout and did the new dance that had viewers loving the enthusiasm, but also wondering where the heck it came from.

It wasn’t long until Freeman’s teammates also got in the dance that could only replicate an inflatable tube man you’d see at a local car dealership. Will Smith and Max Muncy got in on the dance, while Mookie Betts had one of the most animated moves at second base.

Why are the Dodgers dancing on second base?

The Dodgers are known for their team celebrations on hits, like the freight train move whenever getting a single, but the dance was something fans hadn’t seen all year. After the Dodgers’ 11-5 win, Freeman explained to SportsNet LA’s Kirsten Watson the celebration originated from him seeing the artist Usher perform at the team’s Blue Diamond Gala event and how the team has long desired to do it.

“I think everyone might have seen my dance moves at the gala that kind of went around on the internet. My hands are up,” he said. “The boys have been wanting to do this for a while and it took an off day and us at Muncy’s last night having a good time for his daughter’s birthday party that we decided to implement it into the game. Of course, I was the first one that had to do it, but we’re having fun.

“I didn’t do this. Obviously Mookie and all the boys wanted to do it, so here we are dancing at second base,” Freeman added.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Watch: Dodgers new dance celebration inspired by Freddie Freeman