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Commanders Sam Howell makes ‘make or break’ list for 2023

So, which quarterbacks in the NFL have everything at stake for them in 2023? In other words, which quarterbacks are in a “make or break” year in 2023?

NFL Network analyst Bucky Brooks published a list of nine quarterbacks he believes are in such a situation, and of interest to Commanders fans are two of the quarterbacks making his list.

Sam Howell has only played one game, the 2022 season finale 26-6 home win over the Dallas Cowboys. Brooks goes as far as to question the wisdom of Commanders head coach Ron Rivera, taking a jab at Rivera:

Credit Ron Rivera and Co. for putting their fate in the hands of a second-year pro with a single start on his résumé.

Brooks appears to continue with another sarcastic jab when he declares, “Howell certainly flashed solid skills as a game manager” in the win over Dallas. Certainly, Brooks is correct when he offered, “It is impossible to know if the North Carolina product is going to be the guy until he plays a full slate of games.”

With Rivera hiring former Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Brooks believes that the pressure is on Howell to show up and show out with a supporting cast that includes talented receiving trio Terry McLaurin, Jahan Dotson and Curtis Samuel.”

So basically, Brooks believes Sam Howell is only deserving of one year of opportunity to prove himself as an NFL quarterback? That certainly was not the case for many NFL quarterbacks, who may struggle a year or even two before maturing into fine quarterbacks.

Take, for instance, former Washington starter Kirk Cousins. Cousins ​​struggled at times, being up and down in 2013 and the 2014 season. However, by training camp of the 2015 season, coaches and players could see Cousins ​​was better than Robert Griffin and Colt McCoy.

Cousins ​​would go on to lead Washington to two winning seasons in 2015 (9-7) and 2016 (8-7-1). Critics will cry out those who are barely winning records. Well, of course, they are barely winning records, duh.

However, isn’t it also just as true and just as much a part of the historical record that those two seasons with Cousins ​​as the starter, are the last winning seasons Washington has enjoyed?

Isn’t it premature to declare this 2023 season a “make or break” season for Sam Howell?

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire