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Celebrities and the PC games they love PC gamer

Seeing Robert Pattinson desperately trying to explain why choosing between Aerith and Tifa in Final Fantasy VII is difficult because he’s in love with both, is one of my simple pleasures in life. There has been quite the trend recently of celebrities revealing their nerdy tendencies of late. Although of course celebs will always have enjoyed a game or two, more and more stars have accidentally let it slip that games are a bigger part of their lives than they initially let on. They’re just like us, you see, they need to unwind, and what’s better to unwind with than a game of League of Legends?

Wait, actually a lot of things are better to unwind with than a game of League of Legends. But from Henry Cavill’s love of Warhammer to Robert Pattinson’s Aerith crush, the roots of gaming in celebrity culture go far and wide. So this is a list of celebrities and the games that they love spending time playing.

Henry Cavill

(Image credit: Andreas Rentz (Getty Images))

Henry Cavill doesn’t just play Geralt in the Netflix show—he loves The Witcher 3 and the lore surrounding the books and games. At San Diego Comic-Con in 2019 he told fans that he pushed his agent to get a meeting with The Witcher’s showrunner, Lauren Schmidt, before the series had been greenlit. It was that perseverance that landed him the role of Geralt. And he’s already lightly hinted he’d be interested in starring in a Red Dead Redemption adaptation (opens in new tab) too