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Canada Soccer proposes equal pay deal

Canada Soccer says their pay proposals for their men’s and women’s national teams will ensure equality and make the women’s team the second best paid in the world.

The governing body, which faced a strike threat from their women’s team last month, said their plan was awaiting agreement from the players’ unions.

The plan features a pooling of prize money from the men’s and women’s World Cups with the income divided out equally between the two teams.

The statement from Canada Soccer was issued shortly before a hearing to the Parliament’s Heritage Committee where women players will testify.

“If accepted by the Player Associations, the collective bargaining agreements will pay both National Teams the same amount for playing a 90-minute match and both National Teams will share equally in competition prize money,” the organization said.

“Additionally, Canada Soccer’s Women’s National Team will become the second-highest paid women’s national team among FIFA’s 211 Member Associations,” they added.

Last week the body announced an interim funding agreement for the women’s team to cover their run-up to the Women’s World Cup which is being held in New Zealand and Australia in July.

Canada won gold in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021 and are among the contenders to challenge the defending World Cup champions, the United States.

Canada Soccer said they had agreed to all nine demands made by women’s team players last month covering flights, hotels as well as transparency over finances.

Former Olympic athlete Charmaine Crooks was named acting president of Canada Soccer after former president Nick Bontis quit after the row with the women’s players.

Canada Soccer General Secretary Earl Cochrane said he hoped the players would sign up to the proposals.

“The deal in front of our players today is unprecedented in Canadian sport and will make us a leader among FIFA Member Associations,” he said.

“We have appreciated the conversations with the two Players’ Associations and we believe serious progress has been made. With fresh leadership, now is the time to conclude those discussions and finalize a deal. Together, we can get this done.” added Cochrane.