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Blue Jays acquire Génesis Cabrera from Cardinals

The MLB trade deadline is fast approaching, and the rumor mill is off and running. It can be one of the most exciting and heart-breaking periods of the MLB calendar, as players can go anywhere unexpectedly, teams grow stronger and more formidable (or tear down entirely), and fans of selling teams must say goodbye to their stars and begin to accept their fate of a playoff-free October.

This year promises to be no different. With the Los Angeles Angels seemingly out of contention, megastar Shohei Ohtani could be on the move. The underperforming New York Yankees and Houston Astros should be on the hunt for difference-making players. The Baltimore Orioles and Cincinnati Reds continue to surprise everyone and could be looking for some big acquisitions. No one knows what’s next for the New York Mets or San Diego Padres. Even the MLB-best Atlanta Braves could add a new player, while teams such as the Oakland Athletics, Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals will throw open their metaphorical doors to welcome eager buyers.

Here’s a breakdown of the top 23 players potentially available at the ’23 deadline.

The MLB trade deadline is at 6 pm ET Tuesday, Aug. 1

Until then, you can find details on and reaction to all the deals here.

Blue Jays acquire Génesis Cabrera from Cardinals

Toronto traded 19-year-old catching prospect Sammy Hernandez to St. Louis in exchange for Cabrera, who was designated for assignment by the Cardinals on July 17.

Read more about the deal here.

Orioles trade for improving A’s reliever Shintaro Fujinami

Trading for a reliever with an 8.45 ERA from the worst team in baseball typically isn’t the best way to make a splash at the deadline, but you should at least hear out why the Baltimore Orioles did exactly that with Shintaro Fujinami and the Oakland Athletics .

The deal was confirmed Wednesday.

Yes, Fujinami has struggled in his first MLB season after signing a one-year, $3.25 million deal with the A’s. He began the season as a starter and racked up a 14.40 ERA and four losses in four starts before moving to the bullpen. He remains the worst player in MLB by bWAR this season at -2.0 due to his ghastly first two months.

Fujinami has turned a corner since then, though, holding a 3.26 ERA since June 1 with improved velocity and a revamped pitch mix. Reliever performance in MLB can change on a dime, and while it often feels like they’re always changing for the worse, Fujinami has looked like a reliever worthy of a contender for weeks now.

The Orioles sent back left-handed pitching prospect Easton Lucas on their end of the deal. Lucas is not in the Orioles’ top 30 prospects on MLB Pipeline but is currently playing at Triple-A and could provide a quick bullpen reinforcement for Oakland.