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Blackhawks defenseman Isaak Phillips with 20 questions

Hawks defenseman Isaak Phillips with 20 questions originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

In our latest series of 20 questions, I go 1-on-1 with Blackhawks defenseman Isaak Phillips:

1. Favorite NHL team growing up and why?

Toronto because I grew up there watching them.

2. Favorite NHL player growing up and why?

PK Subban. Flashy, black defenseman, you know? *Laughs*

3. What was your welcome to the NHL moment?

My first game was against Carolina and they were undefeated and we hadn’t won yet, so I was kind of like: “Whoa.” *Laughs*

4. Favorite all-time teammate and why?

Oh my gosh. Mitchell Weeks. I mean, we’ve been together like our whole careers and he’s one of my best friends, so him for sure.

5. Why do you wear No. 41?

I don’t know exactly the reason, but I was drafted 141 overall and they gave me 41, so maybe that was the reason? My number before was No. 7. I’ve worn that my whole career. It’s my mom’s favorite number, her birthday is Nov. 7.

6. Favorite activity to unwind from hockey?

Netflix. I’m a big just chill, I like my downtime for sure.

7. What’s your stick flex number?

100. I was 95 last year and I went up 5 this year. I like it, I don’t break as many sticks. *Laughs*

8. What’s one thing you have to do on a game day?

I have to nap. It doesn’t matter how long. Half an hour, an hour, it doesn’t matter.

9. Best hockey prank you’ve witnessed

Alec Regula likes to throw Mike Hardman’s stuff around a bit. Just throwing his bed around or something like that. *Laughs*

10. Hardest player you’ve had to defend and why

That Carolina first line, their speed and skill, it’s like all three of them combined I would say.

11. Current or former player that you’d want as your D partner?

I’m going to go with Bobby Orr. He could fly.

12. Build your 3-on-3 overtime lineup

I’ll go with Patrick Kane, Connor McDavid and myself. *Laughs*

13. Favorite TV show

The Office. I always put it on.

14. Favorite movie

Shawshank Redemption.

15. Favorite holiday

Christmas. I love it. Christmas spirit, for sure.

16. Favorite vacation spot in the summer

Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t been on a real vacation in forever, hopefully this summer. Going up to some of these cottages up north in Muskoka, and now my girlfriend lives in Sudbury, so it’s nice there in the summers.

17. Favorite sport outside of hockey?

Basketball and football.

18. What’s your golf handicap and which 3 teammates would you want in a foursome?

I’m a very average player, it’s got to be like 15-20? I could play. And I’ll go with Ian Mitchell, he can really play. Here, I don’t know, I think Patrick Kane is pretty good. In Rockford, I’ll take Alec Regula. We work well together.

19. Favorite non-hockey athlete ever?

Usain Bolt. I used to run track and obviously watching him was unreal growing up.

20. If you weren’t a hockey player, what would you be?

Wide receiver in football.

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