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Best laptop deals available online in Australia August 2022: 55% off

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A laptop is arguably the most important piece of tech you own – especially if you use it for work as well as entertainment. Unfortunately, good all-rounder laptops can be prohibitively expensive.

No matter what you need your new laptop for, it’s a great idea to hunt for laptop deals to avoid blowing your budget. Thankfully, we’ve tracked down the very best sales you can shop on this essential product right now. We update this guide regularly, so rest assured you will be seeing the best deals below.

Not sure which model you need? Check out our complete guide to the 11 best laptops in Australia.

Best laptop deals 2022

Up to 40% off HP
Up to 40% off HP

HP’s mid-year sale is your cue to pick up one of the brand’s coveted laptops at a fraction of the cost.

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Up to 13% off MacBooks on Amazon

20% off Dell on eBay

Up to 20% off Lenovo on The Good Guys

Up to 55% off Lenovo
Up to 55% off Lenovo

This sale has seen prices slashed on the brand’s lines like ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Yoga and more. For gamers, deals on the Legion series should be strongly considered.

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Up to 38% off Kogan
Up to 38% off Kogan

Sign up for a Kogan First membership for even bigger deals on laptops, including brands like HP, Dell and Microsoft.

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Up to 38% off Dick Smith

Which of these retailers offer free delivery?

  • HP: Free delivery on orders over $50.
  • Amazon: Free delivery on eligible items with an Amazon Prime membership.
  • eBay: Free delivery on eligible items with an eBay Plus membership.
  • Kogan: Free delivery on eligible items or with a Kogan First membership.

Which type of laptop is right for me?

There are a wide range of laptops to choose from, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Here are some of the most common styles of laptops and which customers are best suited to them.


Notebooks are an ultraportable style of laptop. They are extremely lightweight and are perfect for use on the go.


Chromebooks are laptops that run on Google’s Chrome OS. They are affordable and very simple to use, with integrated Google functionality including services like Gmail and YouTube.

Convertible (2-in-1)

Capable of functioning as a tablet as well as a laptop, these models prioritize mobility and convenience without sacrificing power. 2-in-1s are very popular as they are perfectly suited to certain professional industries.

Gaming laptops

As the name implies, gaming laptops feature intensive processing power which allows them to play all the latest video games. If you love to dive into interactive virtual worlds but hate being tethered to a desk, these laptops are enormously tempting – if you have deep enough pockets.

Laptop vs desktop

How can you decide if a laptop or a desktop computer is right for you? The crux of the debate comes down to power versus mobility. If you’re comparing a laptop and desktop at the same price point, chances are the desktop has significantly better performance.

But in a post-pandemic world, hybrid working seems to be here to stay. If you plan on taking advantage of a work-from-anywhere lifestyle, laptops are certainly the way to go.

The same principles apply if you’re looking for a computer for pure entertainment. Want to enjoy your favorite films, TV shows and games anywhere and everywhere? Get a laptop.

Want to stream and game at peak quality with a state-of-the-art monitor to boot? Desktops are likely to be best for you. Indecisive gamers would be well-advised to check out our complete breakdown of gaming laptops versus gaming desktops.

Laptop shopping tips

Want to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to purchasing a laptop? Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Size doesn’t matter. Can it fit in your laptop bag? Is the screen big enough for your purposes? Am I sacrificing too much performance for sleekness? Keep these questions front of mind when buying a new laptop.
  • Check the specs. Thankfully, it’s usually very easy to find out everything you need to know about the individual components of your laptop. Make sure the power of elements like the CPU and GPU will go far enough, the screen is high quality and it has enough storage.
  • Battery life. How much battery life do you need out of your machine, and can your chosen model provide it? Remember to look beyond sheer battery size and check out independent battery life tests.
  • Read the reviews. Finder has a wealth of laptop reviews available to ensure you don’t waste your money on an inferior machine. Our guide to the 11 best laptops in Australia is the perfect place to start your buying journey.