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Bad news Bears? Not so fast, Colin Cowherd says in reversal of previous take

Bad news Bears? Not so fast, Colin Cowherd says in a reversal of previous take originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

About three weeks ago, Colin Cowherd took a stab at predicting every single NFL team’s record, and subsequently their finish in their respective division for the 2023 NFL season.

When discussing the NFC North, Cowherd barely wasted his breath on the Bears.

“Bears, 6-7 (wins), whatever,” Cowherd said in mid-June, after slating the Bears. last in the NFC North for his prediction.

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On Thursday, Cowherd flipped his own script.

Mind you, most of the video he published recently hones in on Justin Fields’ difficulty throwing the football. Cowherd argues Fields is not an above-average quarterback, despite his historic performance rushing the football last season. Therefore, Fields has yet to prove that he can be the signal caller who takes the Bears to the next level.

Cowherd also questions if the Bears have the bandwidth and ability to develop Fields into a quarterback capable of reaching “league average” as a passer, which Cowherd argues would be sufficient with the current Bears roster.

Nevertheless, he changed his narrative from a few weeks ago about the Bears. Entirely.

“I’m very interested,” Cowherd said about the Bears on Thursday. “Minnesota shouldn’t be as good. Green Bay won’t be as good. Detroit will be better.

“This should be a playoff team. They are more than capable.”

Hold on.

Three weeks ago, the Bears were last in the division, 6-7 wins, “whatever.” Now, they’re a team “more than capable” of making the playoffs?

Something isn’t adding up here. And it’s nothing from the viewers’ perspective. Cowherd failed to take note of his own contention from just weeks ago. Classic.

His stance on the Bears makes him far less credible than his name and his status in the national media sphere would tell you. In a short time frame, Cowherd managed to create two drastically different arguments about the same team.

Which one are we supposed to believe?

In his defense, his most recent argument surrounding his concerns with Fields and the Bears is fairly accounted for. Fields, as Cowherd mentioned, is not an above-average passer of the football. That doesn’t mean he won’t become one, even as soon as next year. It means, plainly, he isn’t one right now.

So, sure, the idea that the Bears have improved their roster enough — in Cowherd’s eyes — to make them a playoff team without a surefire signal caller leading the offense, is scary. The Bears are entering a phase in their rebuild where they could run into a crossroads with the team’s most important position.

But, I’d rather cross that bridge later. Let’s quit the Fields chatter and wait to see what he does this season — or, at least Week 1 — to determine if the Bears should be bullish, or bearish on his future with the team.

When you dig too deep on one subject, apparently, you start shoveling dirt on yourself.

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